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Employee of the Month

As a business which has grown rather rapidly over the past few years, with in excess of 100 employees spread over two sites, it is often easy to overlook those who really go above and beyond for the company, those who are extremely dedicated to their roles and those who exceed expectations on a regular basis.

We have an exceptional team here at Dugdale Nutrition, spread across many departments and therefore, the DN Management Team have made the decision to give them the recognition they deserve with our new 'Employee of the Month' scheme. We have started by awarding five members of the DN Team for their consistent hard work over the past few months.

The five recipients were Emma Middleton, who is our Stock Control Co-Ordinator; Susan Haythornthwaite, who is our Raw Materials Co-Ordinator; Naomi Shuker, who is our Quality Manager; Issy Hartley, who is a Technical Sales Assistant and Susan Kirk, who works in our Customer Services Department.

Managing Director, Matthew Dugdale, presented each with a gift from the company on Wednesday 27th June. Well done ladies and thank you once again for your hard work.

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