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Dugdales Dairy Day at Gisburn Auction 6th June 2019...

Dairy Auctioneer: Fred Spurgeon

Auctioneer’s Clerk: Eleanor O’Neill

Dairy Judge: Evie Gibbons

DN Representative: Gemma Ford

A big crowd round the ring made for a flying trade today with both quality and quantity on offer. Evie Gibbons was given the task of judging with the pedigree class proving the biggest job. 12 heifers came out for judging all of which deserved to be shown with the ticket going to David Knowles selling at £2080 to WE Blockley. 3rd prize from F & R Coar hit the same price to Richard Clayton. A solid trade saw David Knowles average just over £2000 for three and a total of seven made £2000 or more with heifer after heifer at £18-1900. Andrew Wensley took the top spot in the non registered class making £2000 in the ring going to Dave Coulthurst. Taking the top spots in the cow in show and sale prices were Messrs France, Chipping with two stylish second calvers selling to Dave Coulthurst at £2000 and £2050 with Rachel Lund next in line at £1700. Youngstock are a cracking trade for the quality with recently served heifers from E & W Threlfall selling to £1000 with most either side of £900. Stirks from Andrew Lee made to £650 and a fabulous run of 10 weaned calves from Ed Towers made to £490 with nothing under £450. Lots of under bidders today are still looking for fresh calved cattle so please give us a try – one new vendor today from South Yorkshire had a very good day out!

Best Newly Calved Heifer (non-registered)

1st 418 –TH Wensley 2000

2nd 429 - A & C Starkie 1550

406 – G & MM Dakin 1680

Best Newly Calved Pedigree Heifer

1st 422 – T Knowles 2000

2nd 408 – JD Taylor 2020

3rd 419 - F & R Coar 2080

Any Newly Calved Cow

1st 426 – Messrs France 2000

2nd 425 – Messrs France 2050

3rd 438 – R Lund 1700

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