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DN Progressive Heifer Bucket...

A high specification mineral, vitamin and trace element lick for replacement heifers (dairy and beef).

NEW Purple lid (previously black)

Features & Benefits

  • Optimal mineral, vitamin and trace element supply to help balance potential deficiencies in forage-based production systems and support good bone and skeletal development.

  • Good levels of vitamin E and selenised yeast help support the immune system.

  • Contains high levels of zinc, including Availa Zinc to assist in hoof tissue repair, strengthen hooves and support immune function thus helping to reduce lameness issues.

  • Contains copper, including Availa copper to support fertility in bulling heifers.

  • Available in 20kg pack size.

Ideal for:

  • Dairy and beef replacement heifers

User guide:

  • Offer free-access at a ratio of one 20kg bucket per 15 head of cattle.

  • Ensure ad-libitum forage is always available.

  • DO NOT feed to sheep (contains copper).

Typical intakes:

  • Cattle up to 150g/head/day*

*Consumption will be influenced by number of feed points per head of stock, forage availability and quality, other feeds available, age and breed of stock and proximity to water sources.

For more information about our bucket range please speak to your DN Sales Specialist or call us on 01200 420234.

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