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DN Pro-Flakes Range

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Suckler calf sales and summer show season will soon be here! ☀🐮

Have you started thinking about feeding cattle in preparation for shows?

The Pro-Flakes range is specially formulated for pedigree and commercial show cattle, they include various blends such as Pro-Grow, the ideal blend for growing frame - a flaked base mix with 6mm Progressive Heifer nuts. At 18% Crude Protein, it is fully mineralised and contains high levels of metabolisable energy.

Pro-Show is a blend of our unique, flaked base mix, combined with 6mm Super Beef nuts. At 15% Crude Protein and a high ME, this fully mineralised diet contains high levels of starch and sugars, ideal for finishing cattle.

Ask your local DN Representative or call us on 01200 420200 for further information.

Take a look at some calves that have been fed on our Pro-Flakes Range 👇🏼👇🏼

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