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DN listed in the Forbes Top 50 Reinvention and Resilience Report

The Forbes Top 50 Reinvention and Resilience Report features North West businesses that have ‘innovated and diversified during the Coronavirus pandemic.’

Forbes say, “Over the last couple of months, we've been busy compiling research - including exciting nominations from small-to-medium-sized companies across all sectors - that showcases how businesses are generating revenue and protecting jobs in the wake of COVID-19, and we're delighted to unveil the final Top 50.”

We are pleased to report that DN are listed in the Top 50 and are proud to be showcased as an innovative company in the North West of England.

Themes evidenced by North West businesses in the report include:

  • Reutilisation; companies finding new ways to use existing equipment or materials to create new products

  • Rising risk tolerance; businesses dialling down their aversion to risk, whether it's through M&As or opening new sites

  • From linear to flat management structures; companies embracing more democratic work cultures to accommodate resource shortages, investing in their team and digital ways of working

  • Always open; companies investing in digital transformation and mobile, and new shift patterns to keep themselves always open for business

  • Innovation; businesses using COVID-19 as a reason to diversify and expand their product and service offering

  • Demand; responding quickly and efficiently to a surge in demand and capitalising on an overnight opportunity

  • Community / CSR; highlighting the charitable and public sector efforts.

To download the Full Reinvention and Resilience Top 50 report, click here.

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