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DN Lamb Feeds...

Our range of lamb feeds have been developed to support lambs from birth through to finishing, be that for milk or meat production, which include:

  • Lamb Finisher 3mm Pellets

  • Progressive Rumistart 3mm Pellets

  • 3 in 1 Protein 3mm Pellets

  • Alkagain 6mm Nuts

  • Intensive Lamb 6mm Nuts

  • Super Lamb 6mm Nuts

  • Progressive GT 6mm Nuts

Dugdale Nutrition also has a range of diets for feeding to milking ewes and goats, which need highly targeted nutrition to make sure that their requirements for pregnancy, lambing and lactation are all met. Buckets, milk replacers and minerals are also available to meet her changing requirements.

For further information on our DN Lamb Feeds or any other products, please contact your local DN Sales Specialist or The DN Store on 01200 420234. If you are unsure who your local DN Sales Specialist is then please call DN HQ 01200 420200, and well be happy to help you find them!

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