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Creep Feeding Lambs...

Lambs which are fed on creep feed should have a greater growth rate and finish faster than lambs which have not been creep fed.

The introduction of creep feed induces the development of the rumen and can reduce the post weaning nutritional stress. Creep feeding can be seen as a cost, however, a lamb is more efficient earlier in life resulting in greater growth rates.

Lambs fed on a mixture of Progressive Rumistart Pellets and Pro-Start

Why Creep Feeding Is Important...

Young lambs should have the best start to life. The first few weeks of life is when a young animal will convert the most efficiently if the health and nutritional factors are correct.

If forage quality is poor or if the grazing is limited then creep feeding is an option to meet the growth rate targets for lambs. There are many advantages to feeding creep to lambs such as finishing faster, receiving a better price and a better transition at weaning.

Lambs fed on a mixture of Progressive Rumistart Pellets and Pro-Start

It is important to feed creep when it is needed otherwise it can be a cost to the business. AHDB Beef & Lamb found that when lambs were on well managed, re-seeded grazing ground , the key performance indicators matched the lambs on creep feed and permanent pasture. Creep feed will not improve performance when sward heights are greater than 4-6cm, but it will be a cost.

Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE)

Introducing feed earlier to a lamb is more economical because of the better conversion rate. FCE can vary between 5:1 to 10:1, with 10:1 being more efficient in production and economics.

Introduction of Creep Feed...