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Buck Lawrence receives our latest Employee Recognition Award...

This month the DN employee recognition award has been presented to Buck Lawrence for his outstanding effort.

Buck Lawrence (Left) with Speke Production Manager, Will Floyd (Right)

Bucks Line Manager, Will Floyd, Speke Production Manager, had these words to say "I put Buck forward to be employee of the month for the following reasons; he runs the Speke warehouse with very little input from myself, and the majority of the time he does this alone with very little support. Not only this but his ability to be right first time on everything that he does is outstanding, fantastic decision making.

His paperwork, especially with regards to Home n’ Dry is always perfect, his knowledge but more importantly his willingness to share that knowledge is excellent. We would be lost without him. So well done Buck well deserved.".

May we take this opportunity to sincerely thank Buck for all his hard work and commitment to Dugdale Nutrition.

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