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Avoid Milk-Fat Depression by using Equaliser® Cream...

Young, immature grass, which is more typical of spring and early summer, has a high oil content 50% richer in unsaturated fats than a typical winter ration. Low structural fibre and highly fermentable sugar can cause an reduction in rumen pH, creating sub acute ruminal acidosis risks. High oil and acidic rumen conditions created by the rapidly growing grass-based ration pose the two biggest risks associated with milk-fat depression.

Luckily, Cargill already has the solution to this issue that has plagued many dairy herds through spring/summer grazing.

Equaliser® Cream has a two-pronged approach, by working as a buffer in maintaining rumen pH – the Equaliser® buffer base has a buffering capacity more than double that of sodium bicarbonate, while the Cream pack helps correct rumen biohydrogenation. This treats the problem before it happens, and is more effective, both from performance and cost, than using C16 fats which in effect treat the problem after it has happened.

Equaliser® Cream can have a number of benefits for dairy farmers, these benefits include:

  • Improved rumen pH: Equaliser® Cream helps to maintain rumen pH, which is important for rumen function. This can lead to improved digestion and dry matter intakes. Improved rumen function can also lead to increased milk production, as well as reduced feed costs.

  • Reduced risk of milk fat depression: Milk fat depression is a common problem in dairy cows. Equaliser® Cream can help to reduce the risk of milk fat depression, which can help to protect milk income.

  • Improved cow comfort: Equaliser® Cream can help to improve cow comfort by reducing the risk of acidosis and other rumen imbalances. This can lead to healthier cows, which can be more productive.

  • Reduced environmental impact: Equaliser® Cream can help to reduce the environmental impact of dairy farming by reducing the amount of methane produced by cows. Methane is a greenhouse gas, so reducing its production can help to migrate climate change.

If you require further information on Equaliser® Cream, then please speak to your local DN Sales Specialist or call Dugdale Nutrition on 01200 420200.

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