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A message of thanks from the Directors...

As Easter approaches and another week of uncertainty is nearing an end, we want to once again thank all of our employees for their continued flexibility, hard work and effort during this difficult time.

The business is coping well despite the challenges we face and that wouldn’t be possible without the resilience and commitment of our staff during these unprecedented times.

It’s important to remember that although our employees may be classified as key workers in a critical industry, they are also very worried husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, etc. We are extremely proud of our team.

Special thanks to those working extra hours to cover absence and to our production and transport teams who continue to work hard producing and delivering feed over the Easter weekend. To those who are isolating at home, we hope you and your families are feeling much better soon.

We must also sincerely thank our customers and suppliers for following the new procedures and collection / delivery guidelines that we have implemented during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Your cooperation is helping to ensure the safety of our team and yourselves.

Please note, the DN Store will close at 12.30pm on Good Friday and will be CLOSED over the Easter weekend, reopening at 8am on Tuesday 14th April. We hope our warehouse and DN Store team have a well deserved rest after almost 3 weeks of serving customers in a very intense environment.

Although we face a very different kind of Easter this year, we hope you manage to have a peaceful and enjoyable weekend.

Stay safe everyone. Look after yourselves and each other.

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