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A great response to our online farmer meetings...

We held two online farmer meetings in conjunction with Zinpro this week, both via Zoom. We are delighted to report that both events were a great success and proved to be extremely beneficial.

The first meeting, held on Monday 5th October, focused on "Optimising Profit per Cow Space."

One of the biggest bottlenecks limiting your maximum revenue is the size of your facilities. In the first of our Zoom meetings, Research Nutritionist, Dr. Huw McConochie from Zinpro discussed and shared tips on the factors that can help optimize your profit per stall without the need to build more sheds!

The second meeting, held on Tuesday 6th October, focused on "Youngstock - The Future Profit Centre."

Rearing replacements can be the second biggest cost on a dairy. Research Nutritionist Dr. Huw McConochie from Zinpro delved into the true economic impact inefficient heifer rearing has on your bottom line. He shared tips and advice on key opportunities to ensure your future profit centres are yielding a true return on investment.

If you missed either of the meetings, please get in touch with your local DN Sales Specialist who will share with you the recordings of the meetings. Alternatively, you can email with your request.

Our next online event is at 7.30pm on Thursday 15th October and will be focusing on "Making Beef Finishing Pay."

We can’t truly control the value per kg of live weight, but what we can do is ensure your operation is working at full efficiency – giving you the best opportunity to maximise profits. Join us and Research Nutritionist, Dr. Huw McConochie from Zinpro as he explores the top 5 areas on your operation that can make beef finishing pay!

Please register for the event HERE.

If you would like to keep up to date with DN events, please register your interest by completing our online application form at the bottom of our UPCOMING EVENTS page.

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