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12 Reasons to Feed Molasses Based Liquid Feeds

1. Cows Need Sugar

For optimum rumen function, cows require around 6-8% sugars in the diet. Most forage and concentrate diets cannot supply this without the addition of sugars. ED&F Man molasses blends provide sugars in the form of sucrose, proven to be the most beneficial to rumen function. Molasses based liquid feeds are the most cost-effective source of sugar available on farm.

Benefit: Molasses blends fill the sugar gap and maximise animal performance

2. The Right Sugar

Sugars are simple carbohydrates; however, research shows that 6-carbon sugars such as sucrose and glucose, contained in molasses, are utilised more efficiently than 5-carbon sugars. 5-carbon sugars found in silages and syrups are less degradable and produce less volatile fatty acids (VFAs) in the rumen. VFAs are the animal’s main energy source, providing up to 70% of the animal’s total energy requirement. The more produced, the more energy available to the animal for production performance.

Benefit: 6-carbon sugars feed the rumen microorganisms promoting greater VFA production

3. Starch:Sugar Balance

Ensuring an optimal starch:sugar balance is key to maximising animal performance. Research has shown by adding sugar and removing starch this can increase microbial protein yield and optimise the rumen environment. Sugars provide readily available energy to the rumen microbes; this increases the rate of microbial multiplication. Microbial protein is the most important protein source for ruminants and the most economic. Starch can depress microbial protein yield in the first 6 hours of fermentation, whereas sugars are instantly fermented and enhance microbial protein yield. With the right balance of sugar and starch, rumen efficiency can be maximised throughout the day.

Benefit: Greater microbial protein yield can help reduce reliance on other bought in alternatives

4. Improved Fibre Digestion

ED&F Man molasses based liquid feeds are a source of readily fermentable sugars and they are the only liquid feeds to be proven through independent research to increase fibre digestion. By enhancing the performance from forage, farmers can reduce reliance on other bought in feeds, allowing for cost effective production.

Benefit: Get the most from your forage, the lowest cost feed in the ration

5. Optimal Ruminal pH

When the rumen is working optimally it can allow for greater utilisation of nutrients from the ration. Sugars have a positive effect on rumen pH by favouring butyric acid production. Butyric acid is the least acidic of the volatile fatty acids, it also acts as a growth factor for rumen papillae enhancing the ability of the rumen wall to absorb VFAs, reducing the amount of time acids spend in the rumen.

Benefit: Maintaining optimal rumen pH is key to improving rumen efficiency and animal health

6. Improved Milk Quality

For many farmers it is critical to improve milk quality in order to maximise returns per litre and improve farm profitability. Published data has shown by adding a molasses based liquid feed to the ration, both milk protein and fat levels can be increased by up to 0.1%.

Benefit: Achieving higher milk quality can offer premiums on certain milk contracts increasing farm profits

7. Improved Palatability Boosts Intakes

ED&F Man molasses blends are highly palatable and have been shown to increase Dry Matter Intake (DMI). Encouraging animals to eat more is a key driver of animal production (either milk production or daily live weight gain).

Benefit: Increased production and efficiency

8. Reduce Ration Sorting

Ration sorting can be a major issue in herds, especially when concentrates form a large percent of the ration, or when less palatable feeds are being fed. Trials have shown that molasses based liquid feeds can reduce sorting by coating all the individual ingredients, making it harder for animals to select specific components. The addition of a molasses based liquid feed also improves palatability with the sugars masking bitter tasting components such as minerals. This eliminates sorting, drives intakes and ensures a consistent ration is consumed.

Benefit: Less health problems and more efficient production

9. Low Substitution Effect

With high yielding cows, it is difficult to maximise Dry Matter Intake (DMI) when only using dry feed ingredients. Adding an ED&F Man molasses blend to the ration has been shown to increase DMI due to its unique liquid nature and low substitution effect leading to enhanced animal performance.

Benefit: Better animal production and better feed efficiency

10. Reduced Waste

It is vital that every kilo of feed grown or bought is consumed and utilised effectively by the animal. It has been proven that mixing a molasses based liquid feed into a TMR not only increases intake but reduces wastage and breathable dust levels. Dustiness can cause health problems to both stock and stockman alike. It can also increase feed wastage and costs as the dust could contain the expensive mineral and vitamin premix that is added to the ration.

Benefit: Better animal health, reduced feed wastage and improved performance

11. Convenience and Ease

ED&F Man can supply storage tanks, in a range of sizes, that enable molasses based liquid feeds to be bought in bulk and stored securely without taking up shed space. The liquid feed can then be simply and cleanly added into the top of the mixer wagon.

Benefit: A simple and convenient way to store molasses based liquid feeds

12. Product Flexibility

ED&F Man offer a range of products that can be used flexibly to get the best from livestock depending on forage availability and ration requirements.

Benefit: A tailored solution is available to every farm

For further information about liquid feed options available to you, please contact your local DN Sales Specialist or DN HQ on 01200 420200 and we will be happy to help.

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