services available from Dugdale nutrition

Here at Dugdale Nutrition, we offer numerous services to assist you and your farm business. These are carried out by our experienced sales and technical team.

dairy herd costings

Dairy herd costings enable both ourselves and our customers to monitor herd performance. It enables you to benchmark the key performance criteria for your dairy herd and allow you to check your performance against your forecasts and budgets.

rationing programme

A rationing programme is the key to optimising productive outputs of animals and to making efficient use of feed resources in livestock production systems.

Mineral forage analysis

The mineral status of forage tends to reflect the mineral content of the soil it is grown on. If your soil is deficient in a certain mineral then this will become apparent through a mineral analysis and therefore can be supplemented in the diet.

interherd analysis

InterHerd is a cattle production and health recording system, which is suitable for use in dairy, beef and mixed enterprises. It provides useful and in depth analysis of fertility and performance.

herd companion

Herd Companion is an information management system allowing farmers and their advisors to view fertility, health, milk quality and disease information. Features include fertility and health monitoring, as well as the ability to benchmark and monitor animal performance.

production forecasting

Production forecasting enables the prediction of milk volumes for milk processors. In turn this allows you to monitor, manage and improve herd performance.

forage analysis

Forage analysis is a vital part of modern animal production. Livestock managers require detailed information about the feedstuffs of their herds in order to achieve their production goals, whether they are concerned with economic efficiency, nutrient efficiency or maximum yields. There are various methods of analysing livestock diets for different constituents all differing in expense, time and accuracy. The focus of most studies is the following three main attributes; Metabolisable Energy (MJ/kg), Protein content (%) and Fibre content (%).

grass sampling

Grass sampling enables you to manage your pastures with greater accuracy and confidence, as well as improving its overall use. This service is available for grazing and pre-cutting grass.