what is ifeed?

The iFeed intelligent feeding system incorporates all of the feeds, products and services offered by Dugdale Nutrition. The system works, by evaluating ‘Friction Points’ on the farm and reducing their impact on overall profitability. The system is fully integrated and takes into account the ‘cross pollination’ of problems across different areas of the business.

what are friction points?

Friction points are those areas that are preventing your business from moving forward. Dugdale Nutrition uses an array of evaluative techniques to identify friction points in all performance related areas.

Further information about 'Friction Points' can be found here

how does it work?

Your Dugdale Nutrition Ruminant Specialist will visit your farm, with a member of the technical team. Between them, they will conduct a comprehensive initial assessment of your farm, its systems and its potential limitations. From this, your farms Friction Points will be identified, discussed and prioritised with you. You can then agree some realistic targets in conjunction with us and we can start to put in place solutions to reduce the impact of your farm’s Friction Points. We then monitor the progress of those solutions against the agreed targets, whilst continuing to identify new Friction Points in a constantly rolling process of improvement.

The intelligent feeding forum - iff

We have had several successful iFF meetings which have focused on topics such as building design & environment, foot health, udder health and dry cow management.

These meetings are intended to be informal yet informative gatherings for farmers to discuss important topics which can hugely influence a farm business's profitability and progression. Meetings involve farm walks and presentations from key note speakers and veterinarians who are experts in their fields.

If you are interested in iFeed or attending future iFF meetings, please contact your local DN representative. Further images from previous iFF meetings can be seen on the Latest News page.

Veterinary Surgeon Neil Roberts giving a talk on calf housing

Factual discussions on a farm walk

Enjoying fresh fish & chips for dinner at iFF meeting 1

Date of Next iFF Meeting; 28th March 2018

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